Bronner Brothers Hair Show: A Wonderful Photo Opportunity

Bronner_Afro Bronner_catwalk Bronner_hair_design

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work at Atlanta’s Bronner Bros. Hair Show.  This is a great  venue for creative expression.  Hair stylists from around the world competed and showcased their latest hair creations.  As well as the most stylish make-up, clothes and accessories could be seen here.   Everywhere were models cat walking on different stages and around the floor for all to see.  My camera’s eye couldn’t get enough.  This was a fashion photographer’s dream.

This is an event of creative diversity.  Models of all shades and hair types were represented.  I even saw a few bald female models walking around.  They had, what appeared to me to be air brushed designed painted on their heads.  And they wore the make-up to match it.  Whatever your taste or style you were sure to find it somewhere at this event.  Beauty has no bounds here.

Unfortunately I spoke with an African American customer who had a complaint.  Her complaint to me was that she felt that there were not enough African American models and that there should only be African American models at this show.  How narrow minded can one person be?!?!?!  I was so stunned by her complaint that all I wanted to do was call her ignorant to her face and slap some sense into her.  But instead I tried to help her appreciate that the products being demonstrated were for all types of hair.  She huffed off to speak with the managers and shared with them her complaint.

I continued to stand there where she left me in a quandary while she complained to management. I didn’t hear the conversation she had with them so I do not know what their response to her was.  I do know that she was not there for very long.  And it was then that I realized that ignorance is all around us and can rear it’s ugly head at any time.

When I came home that day I just couldn’t get the thought of that ignorant woman out of my mind.  And I thought that if she couldn’t appreciate the beauty and diversity in the models she would never be able to truly appreciate other beauties that God has given us.  For instance, what makes a rainbow beautiful?  It is the wide range of colors.  Those primary colors, when mixed together, give birth to many other different and beautiful colors.  Granted we may favor one or two colors over the others, but together their beauty can not be compared or measured to just one or two colors at a time.  Within a rainbow all of the colors complement  each other.  Just like that rainbow is one of God’s creations so are we. And God is not partial; “At this Peter opened his mouth and said: ‘For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial.” (Acts 10:34)

We were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26) so we should learn to reflect the godly quality of not being partial.  That would mean that we should open our eyes to all of God’s beauty and wonders.  Photography is a great way of capturing that beauty.  I hope that through my photos observers can see my appreciation for the beauties God has created.

Bronner Brothers Hair Show Photo Link

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